Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup, Albert Court Temporary Market

I love soup, in particular the clear ones. This fondness for delicate flavours is probably due to my Teochew and Cantonese heritage. Although I usually prefer chicken stock to fish stock, this stall at Albert Court Temporary Market does a really yummy version of fish soup. I actually think this stall has the best fish soup on the island. The sweetness and depth of the soup stock is derived from hours of simmering fish bones over a low fire, and not from milk which most other stalls use to artificially enhance the flavour of the soup.There's a reason why this stall is so popular, there always seems to be queue.

The stall owner is a particularly sweet lady who has an amazingly photographic memory. She will always remember to hold off the coriander and garland chrysanthemum (tung oh) and replace it with lettuce instead. The Sliced Fish Soup ($4 for a medium portion) comes with silken tofu, tomato, sliced fish, lettuce and garnished with crispy fried onions and seaweed. 

The fish is unbelievably fresh and smooth, with nary a hint of fishiness. That's a hallmark of good Teochew cuisine, quality ingredients and a light hand with seasonings to emphasize the natural flavour of the ingredient.

This stall serves the unusual combination of salted bean sauce with sliced chili padi (tiny chilies), despite packing a punch, does not overwhelm the delicate freshness of the fish.

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup
Albert Court Temporary Market #01-09 (until 30 Nov 2009)

From 1 Dec 2009 onwards, this stall will be relocating back to its original premises at:
Blk 270 Queen Street
Unit 01-95

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