Hock Lam Street Popular Beef Kway Teow

I’m not a fan of beef generally, but I’ll eat it from time to time. There are several of these “Hock Lam Street” named beef noodles, all claiming to the only authentic ones. I’m not sure how authentic they are, but really, I don’t care to know either. All I’m concerned with is the standard and quality of the food. I’ve observed that Singaporeans don’t care how long one has been in business, or whether a business is the “original one”, all they are concerned with is how good the food is. Although by inference, if one has been in business for many years, it would usually be due to the fact that the food is good, so much so that the business can withstand the test of time.

We both got the dry versions, as opposed to the soupy version. We both asked for medium servings without bean sprouts, salted vegetables and coriander. Basically, all we got was slices of beef, kway teow, ground peanut topping and gravy.

Mine was Kway Teow with Sliced Beef ($6.00), and the dish arrived with lots of beef. The beef slices were tender, without that overly tenderized pineapple essence taste, which I appreciated. The sauce was rich in beefy goodness, gooey and thick, but I’m not a fan of that heady star anise taste that is reminiscent of the herbal taste in the KL version of bak kut teh.

The BF had the Kway Teow with Mixed Beef version, with beef tripe, slices, liver and tendon ($7.00). I don’t eat tripe, liver or tendon, but he said that the tripe was good and not too chewy, but the tendon was too tough.

Medium portion was too little for big eaters like us so we ordered another bowl of sliced beef kway teow.

We both realised that beef noodles are in general a little too “heaty” for our liking, but recognise that some people love it. Maybe it’s because we both prefer lighter, clearer flavours in general.

The kway teow was great though, smooth, slippery and it went down the throat like silk.

The bill including drinks came up to $21.
Hock Lam Street Popular Beef Kway Teow

27 Purvis Street
#01-01 An Chuan Building
Tel: 6339 9641
Open daily 10.30am to 8pm

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