Marks and Spencer

Friends of mine will know that I LURVE snacking. Almost as much as I love watching the telly. In fact, in my view, snacking and watching the telly are synonymous with one another.

Although Marks and Spencer snacks are generally pricier than most supermarket brands (except for the premium ones from Jasons or Market Place) they really are a notch above cheaper brands.

After dinner at Grandma's, I was still peckish so we stopped by Marks and Spencer to get the Four Cheese and Red Onion Combo Mix. Unfortunately, the particular flavour was sold out, so we made do with the next best thing, the Sour Cream and Jalapeno Flavour Crunchy Combo Mix ($5.50). This was huge on flavour. Every crunch was a burst of sour cream, accented with the tinge of jalapeno peppers.
One snack wasn't enough so we also got the Four Cheese and Red Onion Crisps ($4.90). Although the crisps do not have the varied textures of the combo mixes, the flavour of the sharp cheddar, creamy mozzarella, nutty red leicester and rich mascarpone was an explosion of flavour and perfectly complemented the thin potato crisps.
Snacking doesn't always have to be sinful, as these snacks are cooked in healthier sun kernel oil and devoid of MSG.

Marks and Spencer
290 Orchard Road #03-33
Paragon Shopping Centre
Tel: 6732 9732
Open daily from 10am to 9.30pm
And other various locations

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