Food Junction, Raffles City Shopping Centre

After dinner at Sushi Tei, I was in the mood for some herbal soup, so we popped by the food court beside Sushi Tei at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

If you love soup, and want something quick and simple (and cheap), you should consider the herbal soups (usually at the roasted meats stall) available at most of the Food Junction chain of food courts. Just don't expect exquisite broths and fall-off-the-bone tender meats, the soup does cost merely 5 dollars.

There is a relatively wide variety of herbal soups at the roasted meats stall, and I got the Old Cucumber Soup with Pork Ribs ($5). The soup was clear, lightly flavoured, and was a sizable portion, albeit a little oily. The pork ribs was a little tough and could have benefited from a longer steam in the oven. 

Roasted Meats Stall
Food Junction
Raffles City Shopping Centre
3rd floor

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