Sia Kee Duck Rice

Sia Kee Duck Rice occupies the same coffee shop as the famous Sin Huat Seafood (the one with the infamous perpetually dour-faced Food Nazi owner) at Geylang. During the day, Sin Huat is closed, but Sia Kee Duck Rice (and this other turtle soup stall) pack the coffee shop. I've always thought that this particular location must have good feng shui to have all 3 stalls raking in business. Please note that it's advised to patronise this stall on rainy days because it's cooler then. Otherwise, be prepared to really sweat. Oh, Sia Kee is a lunch only place because they sell out by about 3pm everyday, but at least you know that the duck is fresh.

Sia Kee serves the best, if not one of the best Braised Duck on the island. Duck can get quite gamey if not in the right hands. We got the 3-person portion because the 2-person portion is too small for the BF and I. Every portion comes with beansprouts, beancurd, peanuts, braised eggs, cucumbers, fish cakes, duck meat and innards smothered in a thick gravy. You should let them know if you don't want certain items. The BF and I usually ask them to hold off the innards.

The duck is tender and moist, the beansprouts are fresh and cooked through and the peanuts are braised till soft. The gravy is the best part, stewed to a velvety consistency and luscious. We smeared a dollop of gravy with every spoonful of rice. And the beansprouts are done really well, because even I, who usually doesn't eat beansprouts, will happily eat them all.

The Braised Rice is aromatic and matched the duck perfectly.

The Sambal Chili packs a punch, with lime juice added for that acidic tinge to balance out the rich gravy and duck. Okay, I thought it was spicy, but the BF, who eats chili padi regularly, obviously didn't.

Soup is also served. This was slowly simmered with duck bones for that umami flavour. Cabbage and some tau pok are added for extra sweetness and texture.

The bill was $28 for 2 persons.

Sia Kee Duck Rice
659 Geylang Road
Lorong 35
Tel: 9690 6606 / 9690 9099
Open daily from 11am to 7.30pm


Joyous said...

Hi there,

I'm visiting Singapore in a month, and would like to try this place out. I am, however, unwilling to try 'innards' of a duck...how do you ask them to hold it? I'm guessing that's not the word that you used when asking them not to include it?


Bern said...

I do that ALL the time. The stall proprietors speak fluent English and will understand when you tell them that you don't want any innards. Oh and welcome to our sunny island!

Bern said...

Just tell them that you only want duck meat.

Joyous said...

Thanks Bern, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

This duck rice is the best on the sunny island.

Anonymous said...

Are they open daily?

Bern said...

yup they are, but they do take the rare day off. these are taken adhoc style so we're nvr really sure when they're closed. they've always been open whenever we visit for weekend lunches though.

Anonymous said...

They are off on alternate Sat. :)

Bern said...

duly noted w thanks!

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