Siang Hee Restaurant

This was the BF’s recommendation for cheap and fabulous cze char. He’s been patronizing this stall for ages back when they were in the street adjacent to their current location. Don’t you just love it when you get together with someone who loves food as much as you do, and their favourite food haunts are adopted as your favourite food haunts.

I’ve recently had this craving for good crispy noodles, or sang mee. We got the Seafood Crispy Noodles ($4). The noodles were thin enough to soak up the gravy, but thick enough to not be soggy. This was also chock full of ingredients. A few crunchy prawns for that seafood taste, sliced pork, vegetables fried with garlic and oyster sauce to top off the gravy. It was flavourful without that msg-overdose taste.

Although they didn’t have Beef Crispy Noodles ($4), they were kind enough to accommodate such a request. It really impresses me when restaurants are flexible enough to accommodate special requests, it truly shows good business acumen and service. Similarly, the noodles came chock full of tender beef slices in a thick gooey beefy sauce, which was slightly different from the seafood version. Me thinks the beef was slightly artificially tenderized, but it wasn’t overdone. Some places leave their meat soaked with artificial tenderizers for so long that the meat ends up with a mushy consistency which I don’t like.

We got the Marmite Pork ($8). This is the Asian cze char version of Texan bbq pork ribs. Sweet, smoky, sticky, these well-marinated pork pieces were very tender and juicy.

We also got the Claypot Beancurd ($8) and boy were they generous with the ingredients. It came bubbling with prawns, cabbage, sliced pork, sugar snap peas, silken egg beancurd, green leafy vegetables (bok choy, I think) and mushrooms (both sliced Chinese black mushrooms and sliced canned champignons) in a thick oyster sauce-infused gravy. It was slurp-a-licious.

The bill came up to $24, which is very cheap for such generous portions and fantastic food. I guess this is why many taxi drivers are regular customers. You’ll be seeing many more posts of this place!

Siang Hee Restaurant

Blk 89 Zion Road #01-137
Tel: 9736 4067
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Closed once every 3 weeks on Tuesdays

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