Siang Hee Restaurant

Siang Hee is the default place for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch, especially past the normal lunch hour of 12 noon. There are few customers at that time, so food reaches you really fast.

We decided to try the Curry Fish Head ($18) although the assam version was listed as their specialty. You know how it’s difficult to get really fresh fish for curry fish head because when fish is cooked with strong spices and/or heavy cooking styles like deep frying, there is less of a need for freshness of the fish. The spices and heavy style of cooking would generally mask any fishy smell or rubbery taste. Well, Siang Hee’s version was as fresh as it gets. The flesh of the fish tasted sweet, clean and flaky as only fresh fish will be. The thick, spicy nonya style curry was brimming with brinjal (urgh) and lady’s fingers (double urgh, but the BF polished them off). This was great with steaming hot white rice ($1 per plate).

A closeup of the flesh.

We needed some greens and got their Claypot Vegetables ($8). This came bubbling with non-vegetable ingredients like prawns, fish and sliced pork. There were sugar snap peas, cabbage, green leafy vegetables (bok choy, I think) and mushrooms (both sliced Chinese black mushrooms and sliced canned champignons).

We also got our usual favourite Marmite Pork ($8) which was generous and flavourful as always.

We were stuffed by the end of the meal and very satisfied. The bill came up to $36. 

Siang Hee Restaurant

Blk 89 Zion Road #01-137
Tel: 9736 4067
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Closed once every 3 weeks on Tuesdays

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