Thien Kee Hainanese Steamboat Restaurant

It was a rainy, disconsolate, grim, dingy and depressing day. And like a rainbow peeking through the thunderous and gloomy clouds, my good friend KW called me out for steamboat to celebrate his birthday. Chicken soup that was the perfect antidote to a dismal day. I'm so thankful that my friends are always so supportive of anything and everything I do. They really are a pillar of strength, even if I don't always need or ask for it.

There were another 2 of his very funny chums that came along to celebrate KW's birthday, along with the BF of course. They were all such fabulous company and great for unloading.

Even on a Wednesday evening, Thien Kee was a full house. 

We ordered the all-inclusive set today ($40), with pig liver, cockles, squid, sea cucumber, fish balls, fish maw, sliced pork, sliced fish, vegetables and eggs. The 4 boys are really not fussy or picky eaters like I am. Besides, the cockles are the birthday boy's favourite item. Largely because they are unbelievably fresh, juicy and clean to the taste.

We also ordered an additional dish of Sliced Beef and Tripe, because the boys love their meat. The beef here is robust, hearty and tender, even without any hint of seasoning, artificial tenderizer or obvious marbling (it is a cheap place afterall so there's no such thing as kobe or wagyu here). And KW is such a sweetheart, I see him about 3 times a year now, and yet he still remembers that I hate coriander, and he automatically painstakingly removed every single piece of the disgusting herb. Together with the BF pitching in of course.

We also got a cooked dish, the Sweet and Sour Pork. Thien Kee really does an admirable rendition of this dish. The pork was crispy yet tender and succulent, and the piquant tomato-based sauce was tangy, sweet and savoury all at the same time.

We also ordered half a Poached Chicken. This was great as always, silky smooth, moist and packed with flavour. They separated the dish into 2 plates for convenient sharing, so we didn't have to stretch over each other.

Of course both the BF and KW removed all the coriander. They are really such sweethearts!

The bill was $105 for 5 persons inclusive of drinks and rice and tissues to stuff our faces silly. We really did finish every last drop of that wholesome, honest-to-goodness soup. Wonderful friends, basic comfort food, it really is the simple things in life that lift a dreary day.

Thien Kee Hainanese Steamboat
B1-20, Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower Basement
Tel: 6298 5891
Open daily from 11am to 11pm

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